Connection. Communication. Relationships.

Men's Coach, Mentor, Teacher.
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Connection. Communication. Relationships.

Men's Coach, Mentor, Teacher.
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I help Men understand, connect & communicate with Women to improve relationships.

 Coach, Mentor, Teacher.

have been driven to be the best version of myself since my early 20’s. For 20 years, I faced one hurdle at the time and did my best “by myself”.  I was terrible at relationships and it cost me a marriage and being close to my kids. Read about how my ex wife and I here if you’re curious.

A few years ago, life gave me a beautiful opportunity to grow and find help on my journey, I had a heart attack.  I  met a woman that challenged me in ways I hadn’t been before.  I found a mentor who helped me ask the right questions to start exploring my inner self.

I’m now 47 and the power of that mentorship, life coach training, diving deep into masculine and feminine teachings, learning non stop from powerful men and women about relationships,  messing up personally and learning the lessons about how men interact with women has led me to recognize my true purpose: helping other men discover their unique journey for them selves and their relationships.

My extensive experience leading and coaching staff, athletes and other coaches has given me a foundation of deep curiosity and the right mix of challenging the status quo and supporting you through the inevitable hard work ahead: I am here to guide and support you on your road to success and fulfillment.

Read on, and book a discovery call today if it resonates with you.

How can Men make relationships Better? 


Our Romantic Relationships are something no one showed us how to do, and it usually where we as men see many of our frustrations show up.   We are baffled why we can love this woman so much, yet things just don’t work well.

 If you have landed here, just know you are not alone.  And, this is something you can learn using men’s work to help you have a better relationship with your partner.  

More love, connection, laughter, fulfillment is possible in you romantic relationship with some guidance and work. 

We will work together to find tools to help you discover how you can engage your biggest ally, yourself. I will coach you to find the success and fulfilment you are searching for.

What is Men’s Work?

Men’s work is, Men’s inner work.  Looking at the thing that make us tick, the behaviours we exhibit, why they are there an how to change them.

Our lives are ours to chose but many of our thoughts, beliefs, ideals where not ones we chose, bit ones that where given to us by our families.  

Do you have a burning desire inside you? Does it feels like you can do so much more? Does it feel like maybe, if you ignite that flame it would burn out of control?  Good, that lets you know you are alive. 

How to access and wield that power, emotion, fire inside you is what men’s works is about.

Are you ready to change your life? 


 My Coaching Framework-Courage, Curiosity, Consistency

I coach using a framework consisting of three values: Courage, Curiosity and Consistency. By focusing on these three “arrows” you will build your skills to become an expert ‘self’ marksman; with better aim, you’ll more accurately hit your life targets.


It starts with the courage to look deep within yourself to effect change. Courage is the first step and will keep you grounded in our work. Like the archer’s grounded stance, courage is essential for success.


Curiosity is about trying new approaches, asking questions, evaluating the result, learning and adapting.  Using your courage, you can be curious about all aspects of your life, your mind, and your heart. Like the archer’s acquisition of skill, curiosity is the path to finding new ways of being on your personal journey.


Consistency is about practice. Like the archer’s commitment to excellence, consistent practice of new skills, new approaches and the quest for knowledge is the standard by which you proudly master the tools you’ve acquired.

Plus, its my last name…..Archer……see that play on words. I’m funny too. 


Find the Courage and get Curious.

Explore working with me 1 on 1 or in a group.


Men’s group for better relationships.

In the dictionary Lionheart is defined as – “brave and determined”. 

A man needs to be bold, brave, courageous, loving, leading with his heart in order to have the relationships he desires. 

Lionheart Men’s Relationship Group is a container where you and 8 other determined men will explore and learn about what it means to Lead with you heart in romantic relationships.  

The support of the other men, the weekly coaching, weekly actionable goals and exercises and new daily practices to improve and deepen your relationship with your heart, which you learn to embrace as fiercely and lovingly as a Lion.  

3 month, weekly group that deep dives into improving your relationship. 

Claim your internal fire.  Your Lionheart. Improve your Relationship. 

A man’s path forward is the path inward.

For a man to claim his power he must start somewhere.

You are exactly where you should be, but where do you want to go? Claim it. 

 What Men are saying about working with Brandon.

He listens, he gives you interesting perspectives and speaks from his heart, he speaks from experience. He wants the best for you.


Ottawa, Ontario

Brandon is so present and he knows what he’s listening for, he’s very very knowledgeable and he cares tremendously about helping men have better  relationships.


Earth, Universe

I learned to speak my truth in a more direct uninhibited and thoughtful manner.  I am so grateful for that.


San Diego, California

I have been able to go farther and deeper into  my relationship with myself and my wife then I thought possible.


Spring Arbor , Michigan

Brandon can easily identify whats happening below the surface with you and give you the confidence and framing to see your way through.


Austin, Texas

Speaking from my heart, on Men’s challenges and untapped power.

I grew up in a cult, Heart attack survivor, now a men’s work leader.

I speak of what I learned and how my lessons can help you too. 

 3 of the talks I am currently giving. 

How a heart attack was the best thing that ever happened to me.

if it doesn’t kill you , it makes you stronger.

I was 41, elite amateur cyclist. Fittest I had ever been in my life.  While on my bike, I had a heart attack.

The Cardiologist could not find a physical reason I had this event.  I asked him, can stress do this?

YES he said, but there is not metric for it.

Well damn, I knew immediately that was what happened and so began my deep dive into life, myself and what made me tick and why stress was such a big part of life.

I had and wake up call.  Every person had had a wake up a call of some sort, but do we choose to use it as an awakening?

This talk draws special attention to how we ALL have the opportunity to change by using events in our life intentionally.

3 things I learned from my heartbreak.

Heart break was argue-ably more transformative then a heart attack.

Again, if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger.

My nervous system was trying to tell me I was dying.  This is not uncommon, and grief is something overlooked by many. Men especially are prone to not facing things, the move on, get over it mindset is NOT the way to deal with a loss, grief, heart break.

For me, the angst of what was happening real time ended up unlocking all my past trauma, and damn, ya, my body was trying to tell me I was dying from the loss.

Self love, connecting to oneself, feeling all the feelings is so important, but how?

This talk explores the lessons I learned as a man, about how I show up in relationship, trauma we carry in our bodies and how it can effect us as an adult.  This is a ver timely talk as the pandemic is causing trauma in many people.

What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century?

Masculinity is TOXIC.

What. Wait. I don’t know how to be a man then, aren’t be default, I man and thus masculine?

This topic is one that men and women want to figure out.

How does a man be manly?

What does Manly even mean?

70’s macho or 90’s softy?

What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century?

men want to step into their masculinity women want them too as well, but, HOW?

This talk explains why we are in this position, and how men can own the fire burning inside them in a healthy way.

 Connect & Communicate with  the Feminine Workbook.

I created this free workbook that will teach you about the masculine and feminine energies are at play in you, your partner, and your relationships. 

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masculine feminine workbook by Brandon Archer

A man’s path forward is the path inward.

For a man to claim his power he must start somewhere.

You are exactly where you should be, but where do you want to go? Claim it. 

Let’s get you started on the path thats aligned with you, your desires,

and the relationships you want.