Motivational Speaker

 Motivational Speaking

I have always been called to share in front of an audience. My energy, passion, the vulnerability in my stories matched with pointed messages of growth, deeper understanding taken from my personal journey land with everyone in the audience. My authentic self is who I bring to the stage every-time, I don’t know any other way!

Our world is moving so fast that it sometimes takes a reminder to make sure we are staying connected to our human-ness and others. My life, practice, and message is one of those direct reminders. I have stared death in the face twice, and it gives my a perspective that needs to be shared with others to better their lives through learnings, their own practice, and commonality with the other people in the room. We are not alone, we are not powerless and a heartfelt message spoken from first-hand experience is the most effective way to bring us together, to light a fire within individuals and the audience to reach for more than the status quo.

I want to help your group, staff, managers reach for more. Contact me to find out how I can do that.



  Current Talks

Heart Attack at 41-from victim to thriving


This unexpected event while at the peak of my fitness was the single biggest marker in my life.  What I learned from it has helped my rocket my life from stressful to full. This lesson can help people see the many amazing things they can be gratetful for, as well as give them tools to move the needle from stressful to full. 

Resilience and Perseverance



While preparing for the 2019 Canadian Masters National Championships road race, I crashed harder than I ever had at 50 km/h. I was hurt, badly. Bruised, lost skin sprained ribs I did not know how I was going to be able to train to be ready to race.  This story of physical pain, negative self -talk and how I overcame it and lined up on race day is a lesson for all aspects of life and how resilience and perseverance can take us to new heights. 

Wake up call VS Awakening


I have had 2 major health events in life that where markers for personal awareness. This moving delivery of these events, and how it caused a shift on his viewpoint on life is inspirational. What is the life escalator?  Is there an expected path for all of us to take in life?  Once you hear this talk, you will marvel at the power we have as humans.

Modern Masculinity


This topic is brought to light and how it has shaped our ideas as a society on what being a man means, and how it affects our western culture.   This talk can be tailored to speak to a wide audience of both men and women, to just men and the specific challenges this question raisers for them or just for women to bring light to the subject.