As a man, your masculine power in relationships comes directly from embracing that you in fact do have feminine traits.  Denying your feminine(emotional) side is holding you back from accessing your true masculine power.

No woman that wants to be primarily in her feminine essence will show that to you unless you know how to embrace your inner feminine…….first.  She will not truly soften into her feminine if she does not see you have done the work to embrace and nurture your inner feminine. She will feel it.  There is simply no way to spiritually bypass this one inf you want a polarized relationship.

A man that does this work has a trust in himself and his ability to navigate his emotions that she can sense in his steadiness. This type of man has learned his internal emotional landscape and healed his feminine wounding, and that is a man that a woman will open her heart and pussy too.  This man, that has become so intimate with his own feminine side is a man that can be incredibly connected and intimate with his feminine partner while remaining in his masculine core.  Polarity.  But this is directly because he does not try to fulfill his emotional needs through her.

A man’s masculine presence is directly tied to how connected he is to his emotions( feminine traits). Denying it repels the divine feminine in your woman and you will never receive her divine gifts, the very thing mean crave from women.

Being a man is not simple.  Society’s message is confusing and pushes men to be too hard or too soft, but as with many things in life, the balance is where the true power is. 

Admitting you have a feminine side is not emasculating.  It’s empowering.  It will make you MORE masculine to accept ALL sides of yourself. If you choose to ignore this side of yourself, you will never have the relationship with your partner that you desire. 

She will never fully open up to you.  She will keep up a shield to protect her heart because she cannot trust you.  She wants to soften to you, but she needs to see you manage your wounding, your emotions. 

 As you connect with your heart and provide a steady emotional space for her, she will blossom into her divine feminine as her heart yearns to do.

If you take the time to heal this part of yourself as a man, your romantic relationships will improve.

Your mom is not here, your partner is not responsible to tiptoe around your inability to hold your own emotions and heart.  You’re a grown-ass man and no one is coming to help you navigate your emotions, that’s on you to learn how to do. 

YOU CAN do it, seek the mentors (men) to teach you.  

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