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have been driven to be the best version of myself since my early 20’s. For 20 years, I faced one hurdle at the time and did my best “by myself”.

A few years ago, life gave me a beautiful opportunity to grow and find help on my journey. I found a mentor who helped me ask the right questions to start exploring my inner self.

I’m now 45 and the power of that mentorship, along with the deep men’s work I’ve been doing has led me to recognize my true purpose: helping other men discover their unique journey.

My extensive experience leading and coaching staff, athletes and other coaches has given me a foundation of deep curiosity and the right mix of challenging the status quo and supporting you through the inevitable hard work ahead: I am here to guide and support you on your road to success and fulfillment.

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Mens Work Coaching

Every man will seek his own path, but here are some of the common questions that Mens Work Coaching can help you answer. 

What do you truly value?

What is your true purpose?

How can you be a better partner?

How can you be a better father?

How can you deal with stress?

What is holding you back from being the best version of yourself?


We will work together to find tools to help you discover how you can engage your biggest ally, yourself. I will coach you to find the success and fulfilment you are searching for. 



 My Coaching Framework-Courage, Curiosity, Consistency

I coach using a framework consisting of three values: Courage, Curiosity and Consistency. By focusing on these three ‘arrows’ you will build your skills to become an expert ‘self’ marksman; with better aim, you’ll more accurately hit your life targets.


It starts with the courage to look deep within yourself to effect change. Courage is the first step and will keep you grounded in our work. Like the archer’s grounded stance, courage is essential for success.


Curiosity is about trying new approaches, asking questions, evaluating the result, learning and adapting.  Using your courage, you can be curious about all aspects of your life, your mind, and your heart. Like the archer’s acquisition of skill, curiosity is the path to finding new ways of being on your personal journey.


Consistency is about practice. Like the archer’s commitment to excellence, consistent practice of new skills, new approaches and the quest for knowledge is the standard by which you proudly master the tools you’ve acquired.


Find the Courage and get Curious.

Work with me in any of these programs


1 on 1 Mens Work Coaching


In person ( Kelowna BC Canada) or online.

The journey of to personal awareness can be enhanced when you have a coach to guide you alone the way.   Working 1 on 1 with me can help you get the growth you are looking for.  Let’s book a free discovery call and get started right away. 

Reclaim your Power-Men overcoming Trauma in Adult life 

(BETA) coming soon


9 week Group coaching designed to guide, support, heal Trauma that men have faced in their adult life.

Many men experience Traumatic events in their adult lives that leave them feeling paralyzed.  

For me ( Brandon ) it was a heart attack at a point in my life when I was physically fit, stressed with my job, ex-wife, and other overwhelming situations that I did not know how to deal with and thought it was just a part of life. 

I was scared, bewildered, lost, didn’t know why this was all happening to me.  I searched for answers, guidance, anything to try to figure out what to do.

Simply, there wasn’t the support I was looking for.

It could be a physical set back, loss of a job, a divorce, or other life-changing event that I KNOW has landed you here.  

YOU are not alone, you do not have to figure this out on your own.  

I am taking all I have learned in the past 4 years of overcoming my trauma, rebuilding my life, aligning with my true self, and creating a place for men to get to the answers they are looking for. 

I am looking for 6 men to be involved in my BETA version of this course.  Use the contact form to connect with me and chat about this program. 


Samurai Brotherhood Mens Group



Mens Groups are an important part of healing societies unhealthy relationship with Masculinity. 

I run 2 Squad in the Samurai Brotherhood. 

The Samurai Brotherhood is a weekly meeting of Conscious Men,  supporting each other, holding each other accountable. Modern masculinity starts here. 

ONLINE- Mondays 5-7pm  PST               

IN PERSON-Tuesdays 6-9pm PST 

From Disconnect to Connected-A married mans course in Communication and Connection



9 week 1 on 1 coaching program Is to help you learn how to communicate and connect with your spouse. 

Relationship with a woman is not something we where taught how to do very well. Compounded by the fact that we where not taught how to be men very well, it’s a recipe for frustration, feeling out of control and like there is no way out or no way to improve the situation.

That is not entirely true. What if there was a way to feel fulfilled, in control, like a “man” and have your partner respect you, get the love you want and improve your sex life to top it off?

This 9 week intensive coaching program can get you there. By having plan on how we are going to do this, having me hold you accountable to doing the work, you can improve your relationship.

Here are the core elements of the course. 


Clarity on where you are with your communication and connection, understanding some baseline beliefs is fundamental in making sure the work we will do is something you can take into your life past just this programs 9 weeks.

  • We will start by laying the ground work for good connection by exploring your inner world using methods that help you get clear and grounded.
  • Next, strategies for finding peace are crucial to making sure that the connection skills you will be learning in future weeks are long lasting. We do this now so that all future steps are highly effective in getting you results.
  • Freedom from subconscious beliefs around communication and connection are an important part of the program and will allow you to be open to adopting the new tools you will be learning. This is a step that will start to pivot your patterns to new ways to connect.


Communicating with other humans that have differing feelings, emotions, and opinions from us can be a real challenge when we have not been taught how to do it effectively. The root of connecting is based here.

  • At this stage of the program, we will get into the difference between intelligence and emotional intelligence and how it is a part of the missing link in most interactions with other people. We will use tools that make you aware of your own EQ and how you can use it to connect. 
  • The frameworks for effective communication are introduced at this part of the program so you can start using them in day to day life, and with the following steps of the program start to master how to use them.
  • Understanding the masculine and feminine energies that we all carry is a game changer in relating to all people in your life, but can especially sky rocket your connection in a romantic relationship.


In order to get to the end game of being able to use your communication skills to connect, you need to build your confidence over the last part of the course. Not just confidence in the tools you will learn, but having more confidence in yourself.

  • Next, checking your perspective on interactions will employ all the steps you have taken so far and start to solidify new patterns so you can forever change the way you connect with people.
  • Finally, we will address how to be a leader in communication and connection. This is the part every man is striving for and we will use all the knowledge we have given you to put your best foot forward.

My experience working with men is that all need help connecting and communicating authentically, regardless of what profession they are in. I have even helped men that thought they were master communicators in their workplace get more connected, understand and empathize with the people they are communicating with and that ends getting better results in all aspects of your life!

Contact me now to see if the program is a fit for you. 

Married Men’s Relationship Support Community



There is great power in the collective of a group.  I created this online Facebook group to allow mens to connect,  realize their relationship  challenges are not unique and find support form other men. 


Jim says

“Brandon is the leader of our men’s group he started in October 2019. It’s clear from the passion he has for his transformation that he’s the perfect mentor for me and others in our group. He offers a degree of empathy and insight into issues that I find uncommonly helpful. He dares to ask the tough questions in a manner that compels others to dig deep. His concern is genuine, his courage an inspiration. He can help anyone elevate their game if they so choose.”

Coaching Testimonials 

Chantel says

“I worked with Brandon when I was confused about my life path and anxious, scared, and angry with the lack of direction in my life. Brandon helped me realize how the false beliefs I held about myself and about my life led to my confusion.

He helped me see how my beliefs kept me stuck in a place I no longer wanted to be in. He then taught me how to eliminate my false beliefs and create new beliefs that served me better. Throughout the entire time Brandon was extremely caring and he demonstrated a lot of patience with me while I was on my journey of self-discovery and the discovery of my full potential. He believed in me when I found it hard to believe in myself. He raised my level of self-awareness so that I may see the true person that I am which helped raise my self-esteem and self-confidence. I am forever grateful for his friendship and wisdom.”

Corey says

“It is refreshing to communicate with Brandon. He seems to be able to bring me to a state of clarity so easily in our conversations. Without judgement, he manages to allow me to arrive at my own conclusion – a conclusion that never fails to highlight my next best step. His approach leaves me feeling refreshed and a just a little bit lighter and a lot more prepared for life. I can’t recommend him enough.”