Podcast Appearances

Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships  

Brandon and Leigh-Anne  talk about the importance of men’s work. They define what it is, how it can benefit men’s development, and what Brandon’s vision is for the future of men’s work. He also shares his personal story about what drew him to lead men’s groups and how it changed his life. One part of the conversation was when we spoke about the importance of parenting our boys, and how this impacts healthy masculinity.



EZ Conversations with Furkhan Dandia

Brandon and Furkhan discuss how men need to be comfortable with their emotions and embrace their feminine energy.  We also talk about the importance of healing prior to entering a relationship but also maintaining the same routine and practices that allow our growth and personal development once we are in a relationship.


Men Have Feelings Too…Who Knew?!?! with Lauren Van Vajra

Lauren and Brandon talk about polarity, inner child work,  shadow work, and how healing our own internal masculine and feminine energies can lead us in to showing up in relationship more whole and ready to really open. 



Join, Converse. Inspire. JCI Canada podcast

National VIce President Francesca Amante joins coach, speaker and entrepreneur, Brandon Archer, as they speak on the topic of leadership, personal development and mental health in the work place.


Real Raw Momma with Jessica Lauren Acheson

 Brandon and Jessica talk about his unique experience with the Mother Wound and we chat topics like: Abandonment and the effects of miscarriages on mothers. How Men healing their mother wound allows them to hold space for their emotions and the storm that is the Feminine. Trusting feminine intuition. The Beautiful and sometimes challenging dance of masculine and Feminine polarity. How women have the power to lead men back to their hearts by holding them to higher standards with the grace of an open heart.


Humanity Feels with Yasmin Elzomor

 Yasmin and Brandon chatted about  what it means to be rooted in your masculinity, how to honor your emotions as a man and how to show up and rise in your relationships.



Calm, Cool & Connected with Dr. Elizabeth Fredrick

 Dr. Fedrick’s and Brandon chat about Brandon’s background and about his work in the field.
 The purpose of identifying masculine vs feminine energies. Why both partners having the same kind of energy can lead to relationship issues. How Brandon addresses these types of issues in his work with clients.



Love Deep Lab podcast with Dr. Stormy

Dr. Stormy and Brandon have a chat about, What it means to be practicing modern masculinity – How to cultivate the feminine energy as a man and why it is important – Taking emotional responsibility as a man – 2 surprising ways to practice deeper masculinity. This is a good one! 



Healing Minds Center Podcast

 Veota and Brandon have a chat about how men can learn how to do introspection to discover the underlying truth about their triggers, in order to better communicate with their significant other. Brandon also discusses what women can do to get men to open up, so they can have honest conversations. 


Dad.Work Podcast with Curt Storring

Curt and Brandon about Brandon’s wake up call and his awakening, communicating effectively with our partners and our children, nervous system regulation, inner child work, presence, mindfulness, and the initiation ritual that Brandon used to initiate his son into manhood.


Deeper with Sophie Josephina

Sophie and Brandon go deeper, taking about Brandons personal heartbreak, and how the lessons from that allowed him to go inward, and learn to heal himself, take responsibility for his own emotions rather then project his needs onto his partner and others. 


#Menswork podcast with Hans Peter Meyer

The learning never ends—Men Communicating with Women,episode 2  Such an important and deep subject that Hans and Brandon got together for a second podcast.  This episode also includes a Q&A.


The Self Confidence Project with Kimberly Hill

Kimberly and Brandon have a chat about his life story, surviving a cult, masculinity, and an initiation ceremony he did for his 16-year-old son, to welcome him into manhood.



#Menswork podcast with Hans Peter Meyer

 Brandon and Hans talk about three tips that will help any man struggling to communicate with a woman in his live. We talked primarily about spousal relations. These tips, however, will help you whether you’re trying to understand and support your wife, your daughter, your mother, sister, colleague, or woman friend. This episode also includes a Q&A.


Man With Purpose

Pav Nikolov, the host says… ” We went deep into stress and impact on the body, how we went through a heart attach, shadow work, toxic masculinity and how he did a rites of passage for his son. I don’t think I have ever cried on a podcast, but the story with Brandon’s son was really something special!”


The Curious One 

Emma and Brandon chat about the Divine energies (masculine and feminine energies) are energies and traits that are contained within each of us regardless of our gender. Normally we will each have a more dominant energy within us. When we come together in union, enter specific situations, or integrate into any form of relationship different parts of these energies will come out.


The Journey with Jared

Brandon and Jared discuss Masculine and Feminine traits and energy’s. How they’re not gender specific and why it’s important to be able to tap into both of them. We also discuss how they show up in romantic relationships and why it can be dangerous to go too far into one or the other.


Daily Dose with Benji

Brandon and Benji Share their own experiences with toxic masculinity, what our parents didn’t know about gender, and what we should know, the responsibility men have in our society to be better, how emotional trauma manifests in our relationships, including the way we communicate, masculine and feminine energies, including toxic versions of both, and what men (and women) can do today to improve relationships with their partner.



Brandon joins Host Mike as they talk about what led him to become a men’s coach? What are some the ways men need help in the day and age? The answers to those questions and more are in this episode.



The Journey with Jared

Brandon and Jared discuss how his life changed after that, joining a men’s group and challenging the narratives that we tell ourselves. We also talk about creating loving and honest environments where the people around us feel safe enough to point out our blindspots, and how instead of fighting against our “old brain” we can meet it with compassion and work with it to propel us forward.



Kings of Hearts

Brandon, Nuke and Andy deep dive into what mens work and masculinity mean. Andy and Brandon first meet in the first mens group they where part of with leader Ben Goresky (The Evolving Man) who mentored them into the leaders they are today.  Andy and Brandon have hosted powerful in person men’s work weekends together. 


Pealed Back

Brandon and Gene have a good chat about Brandon’s life story, how he ended up in the mens work space.