Without a doubt, most people are asking themselves, what is a men’s group? I was one of those men. December 2018 was the first time I had heard of a men’s group.

What is it?

It is a place where men come together to help each other rise up to their potential. It is a place where men can connect with other men. It is a place where men can explore problems and subjects that they thought where unique to them. In a men’s group you will find out that in fact, other men have the exact same challenges as other men. A group is most often a once a week meeting in a private, confidential setting. In-person groups are common, and there are also some online versions.

Why is it for everyone?

This where things get interesting and if a man thinks he is already at the peak of his career, great relationship all his ducks in a row, why would I say every man should be in a men’s group?

There is something very empowering about getting non-judgemental support, encouragement, and sometimes pointing out things about your patterns that you do not see yourself that you don’t get in any other setting. So, if you are a man that does not feel he needs support, it is your obligation to step up and help men that do need support. Your knowledge, experience, and viewpoints can be lessons for other men. Why would you want to do that? Because there is a shift coming on our society, one where we get back to connectedness with other men for the reason of being better for everyone in our lives. Our partner, our kids, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles cousins, parents, grandparents, bosses, employees, and ourselves as men.

Think about this, what if your employee is having a hard time with his home life, and though a men’s group, receives support wouldn’t that make him a better employee? What if he had leaders in that men’s group to learn from? If you are a man that might have challenges at work, in relationships, finding what makes you happy, spending time with other men is the way to get first-hand experiences that can relate to your challenge. Hearing how another man handled a similar situation is the best way to learn, in my opinion.

Where do I find a group?

There are many men’s group’s communities I suggest searching your local area for one that appeals to you. They might all have a slightly different “feel” to them or even a different message but a men’s group of any kind is beneficial. There are also some online versions out there too if you travel for work, or cannot find on in your community. Here are some ones I found.

Samurai Brotherhood

Sacred Sons

Mankind Project

Why would I want to do this?

Being a man in this time has become confusing for many men. If you are one of those men searching for themselves, or how to be a better man, or struggling with parts of their life and not knowing where to turn a men’s group can be a way to get some clarity by engaging with other men on topics not talked about over a beer. If you are a man in his power and understand who he is, it’s your obligation to step in, join a group and let all men know what you know. By supporting each other, letting each other that your struggles are not unique to one man help us all ride up and be better men for ourselves, our families, society.

Call to action

This is simple-JOIN A GROUP NOW. If you cannot find one, contact me and I will help you find one.